Creative Director

Alix Martin was born and raised in Los Angeles. She started her artistic career at a young age and later graduated at Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute and esteemed L.A. County High School for the Arts. Alix continued her education at UCLA School for Theater, Film & Television and graduated at the Professional Theater Training Program at University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee. She worked with the Obie-Award receiving Theatre X Company, the Milwaukee Chamber Theater, Bialystock & Bloom and the Open House Theatre in Vienna. To be pointed out is her performance of Miss Jessel at the world-premier of „Quint and Miss Jessel at Bly“ by Don Nigro. Alix lives in Vienna as actress for theater and film and also works sucessfully as a voice-over artist.


Artistic Director

Verena Müller was born and raised in Vienna. During a stay at an international language school in California she had a chance to persue her long craved passion for acting . She starred in school plays and started her acting training. Back in Vienna Verena finished her acting studies at the Actors Workshop Vienna. Ever since she's been acting in different theater- and filmproductions. She was seen as 'Buhlschaft' at a production of 'Jedermann' of Bühne Weinviertel at Brandlhof in Radlbrunn. Just recently she performed in the Bretterhau Wien production of "Faust III" stationtheater at Castle Schleissheim near Munich. She is touring the Austrian Winequarter with Franz Josef Weiss with a rehearsed reading and songs  „Wein, Weib & Gezank“.