Artistic Director

At school I never quite knew what I wanted to do when I grow up. After finishing school I thought a stay at an international language school in California  would spark my mind. And indeed, after starring in the school's Christmas play I had finally found my long hidden passion for acting.  I continued with professional acting studies and have been acting ever since in theater- and film productions in both German and English. When, after numerous auditions over the years, I was hardly getting any of my dream roles, I realised I just had to create my own. Hence in 2018 I founded 'Thiasus Productions' with the intention of producing female driven English plays and giving other fabulous actors the chance to shine. As artistic director and actress I try to find plays that are both story and character driven. After producing and acting in all of three productions so far, I've come to realise that I love the producing part, from casting to the finished play, as much as I love acting.