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our debut production


Opening October 18th 2018 at Ateliertheater

Burggasse 71, 1070 Wien


and October 19. -20. 2018




Thiasus Productions is a Vienna based theater company founded in 2018 by American actress and voice over artist Alix Martin and Austrian actress Verena Müller. They met a year earlier at a workshop and soon developped the idea of founding a new theater company for female driven contemporary plays in English.

The name Thiasus origins in Greek mythology, describing the retinue of the Greek god Dionysus, the god of theater and winemaking. The chalice and the thyrsus staff symbolize the female and male combination.

Thiasus Productions wants to focus on producing plays with strong female characters and topics and also emphasize that men or members of LGBTIQ and their themes are never excluded neither as performing artists nor audience.